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Luv-A-Duck Abattoir

Rupps Road, Nhill VIC 3418, Australia
Name: Luv-A-Duck Abattoir
Address: Rupps Road, Nhill VIC 3418, Australia
Summary: Luv-A-Duck Abattoir is an 'abattoirs/slaughterhouse' located in Nhill, VIC Australia.
Last known status: Open and operating
Updated: 11 Aug 2018
Coordinates: -36.320312, 141.619797
ID: 6bdc7

Footage released by Animal Liberation in June 2018 shows that ducks are frequently not stunned properly, having their throats cut while conscious.

Kills approx 100,000 ducks per week (20,000 per weekday). Supplied from 28 contracted breeder and grower farms in the Wimmera region.