Help us fund an ambitious new project

The Aussie Farms Repository is a public repository/gallery for videos, photos, documents and campaign materials (fliers, posters, etc); a knowledgebase; and a centre for innovative and creative tools, relating to the animal rights movement in Australia. We believe that between all of us, we have tonnes of visual evidence of animal cruelty and exploitation, a lot of which might just be gathering dust because it doesn't fit any particular campaigns, or otherwise isn't getting out there to the public who need to see it.

The Repository aims to bring all of this evidence together so that we can all freely view, share, and use it in our efforts towards a common goal. Any time an individual or organisation wants to raise awareness about a particular issue, they'll be able to find the most recent and most relevant evidence or materials, and because it's a 100% Australian project, the myth that "it doesn't happen here" will be well and truly defeated.

Any group or individual who obtains evidence will have a nationwide distribution platform that will allow them to achieve the greatest reach for their findings, in the most effective and efficient manner possible.

The Repository will not take credit for any published items, and takes security and anonymity very seriously. Anyone who wishes to upload items can do so without providing their name or other contact details; when creating a profile, you can choose to have an anonymous username, or your real individual name, or the name of the organisation you are representing. Any sensitive data you do provide is automatically encrypted before being stored in our secure database. No IP addresses or access logs are stored.

Anything that gets uploaded, unless it comes from a reputable organisation such as the various Animal Liberation groups, will be screened by the Aussie Farms Repository team before being published to ensure nothing malicious, deceptive or irrelevant slips through the cracks.

We believe that it is possible to end commercialised animal exploitation in Australia - but only by working together, sharing our work, and leaving no stone unturned.



  • The most expansive, comprehensive collection of photos and videos in the history of the animal rights movement, easily searchable and sortable by descriptions, dates, users, ratings, categories and more. Between our Aussie Farms websites (pigs, chickens, eggs, ducks, turkeys) we have thousands and thousands of photos, but until now there has been no ordering or searching capability, meaning a lot of important images end up buried out of sight. A rating system will ensure the most powerful material (as voted by the users) stays front and centre, with full credit to the source. The categories for the photo and video galleries will include, but not be limited to, the following:
    • Food (abattoirs/slaughterhouses, broiler (meat) chickens, cows, dairy, ducks, eggs, fish, goats, kangaroos, live export, pigs, rabbits, sheep, turkeys)
    • Pets / companion animals (birds, cats, dogs, fish, mice, reptiles)
    • Wildlife (kangaroos, koalas, foxes, pigs)
    • Entertainment (circuses, racing, rodeos, zoos)
    • Clothing (fur, leather, wool)
    • Science (medical research, cosmetic research)
    • For further categorisation, items can be 'tagged' with keywords such as the following: caged eggs, free range, hidden camera, undercover, organic, barn, open rescue, farrowing crates, pressure sore, prolapse, disease, disrepair, sow stalls
  • An extensive database of campaign materials (fliers, posters, booklets, etc). Individuals and smaller organisations, who lack the resources of the larger groups but still want to run an effective campaign, will be able to view and download all available materials relating to the issue they want to focus on. Similar to the photos and videos, the campaign materials will be organised into categories and tags and will be easily searchable/sortable.
  • A research centre for the accumulation of any industry or government documents. Similar to the photos and videos, the campaign materials will be organised into categories and tags and will be easily searchable/sortable.
  • A campaigns section where users can add information about their past or current campaigns
  • A collaborative and ever-growing timeline showcasing the history of the animal rights movement in Australia
  • A collaborative knowledgebase featuring, in addition to the above categories, sections on:
    • Security and technology, e.g. secure web browsing and emails
    • Legislation, codes of practice, guidelines, etc
    • Industry figureheads and other pro-cruelty spokespeople
    • Quick fact sheets summarising each and every issue, including the effects of animal agriculture on human health and the environment
  • A 'downloads cart' to enable easy downloading of any materials on the website. For example, if you want to run a campaign on broiler chickens, you might choose to select 50 high resolution photos, a few videos, and a couple fliers and then 'checkout' to download them all in one convenient archive file, rather than individually downloading each.
  • Material uploaded to the site from around Australia will be used to produce an Earthlings-style documentary, sectioned into the above six categories. Note that this will be produced after our first documentary, which will focus almost entirely on the pig farming industry and is scheduled to be released in October this year following a successful 2013 crowdfunding campaign.
  • The most active users, and those uploading the best material, will feature heavily on the front page and draw visitors to their profile page where donations can be made via Paypal.
  • ... and this is only the beginning. The centrepiece of this project, which for now must remain secret, will change the entire landscape of animal rights in Australia.



Our main objective has always been simple: we are trying to save the world. The animal abuse industries are rich, powerful, and incredibly destructive. Animal agriculture is the leading cause of just about every major environmental issue including global warming, and is directly responsible for the brutal deaths of literally billions of thinking, feeling individuals every year. In order to effectively combat such a vast, callous and absolutely selfish enemy, we have to be clever. We don't have anywhere near the level of resources enjoyed by these industries, so we must work together to lessen the burden and become more than just a loose collection of fragments.

They have one clear weakness: exposure. Their continued existence is only possible due to secrecy. So we want to make every aspect of their operations as accessible as possible to anyone who has ever, or will ever, question the idea that killing and exploiting others for profit is somehow not only acceptable, but necessary.


What will the funds be used for?

The funds will mostly be used for the cost of developing and hosting the website. Even though we've already laid much of the groundwork, the project needs 3 months of fulltime attention in order to get it up and running. The funds may also be used for the following:

  • Computer equipment including hard drives
  • Computer software including video editing and conversion tools
  • Website domain and hosting fees including video hosting services, particularly Vimeo
  • Graphic design
  • Online and printed advertising and promotions including Facebook advertising
  • Media distribution services, including press release distribution
  • Analysis by veterinarians and animal behavioural experts of material received
  • Legal fees
  • Bookkeeping and accounting fees
  • General consultancy fees including media advice and editorial/proofreading/content-writing services
  • Company and market research
  • Verification of farm names and locations corresponding to material received; this may include travel costs


How can I contribute material?

When the site is up and running, anyone will be able to create a free account and upload material (photos, footage, documents, etc). However, we're intending to launch the site with a lot of content already on it. If you'd like the site to launch with your material, please post it on a thumb drive or external hard drive to PO Box 157, Glenside SA 5065, or upload it to any file-sharing site and send us the link.


Other donation methods

You can donate by bank transfer (direct deposit) as follows:

Account name: Aussie Farms Incorporated
BSB: 112879
Account #: 486 633 624
Bank: St George

Note that it may take several days for your donation to appear in the funding total displayed at the top of this page.

We believe that it is possible to end commercialised animal exploitation in Australia - but only by working together, sharing our work, and leaving no stone unturned.