News & Media: Horrific Cruelty And Neglect At NSW Piggery

Horrific Cruelty And Neglect At NSW Piggery

By Aussie Farms
Thu 31 October 2013, 12:00am

Pig found with severe, maggot-infested prolapses.

An intensive piggery at Cumbijowa near Forbes NSW is the ninth Australian pig farm to be exposed by Animal Liberation ACT, with last night’s release of covertly-obtained photos and footage. This follows the recent expansion of the campaign to QLD with the exposure of Wongalea Piggery.

The footage, believed to be filmed over the weekend, depicts a sow with severe maggot-infested prolapses pushing through both her anus and vagina. As a result of this condition she was unable to sit down, and kept pacing back and forth and rubbing up against the back of her cage. There was no evidence that the wounds were being treated.

Clare Atkinson, spokesperson for Animal Liberation ACT, said: “Prolapses are a common symptom of modern pig farming in Australia. The muscles and organs become weak and overworked, and are pushed down out of the body, often as a result of the repeated forceful impregnation that is considered to be standard practice.”

“It was clear in this case that this pig needed immediate veterinary care, so we contacted the police and the RSPCA. Even after being sent photos of the pig’s condition, the RSPCA inspector did not return our calls or inspect the piggery. The police visited but only left a message as the owner wasn’t home; when he later called back he said the pig in question had been ‘destroyed’.”

“How long would she have been there in that condition otherwise? This is just unacceptable neglect. The owner of this piggery should be prosecuted. For all we know, the pig could still be there, while the RSPCA refuse to act.”

The footage was released on Thursday night, 31 October 2013, and can be seen at: Photos and further information can be found on the campaign website,