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Greyhound Racing

Last updated 21 October 2017

This industry involves the racing of greyhounds, a particular breed of dog. There are 14,000-17,000 greyhounds bred each year for racing. A very small portion (10%) of these dogs retire into lives after racing. As for the rest, when a greyhound is no longer financially viable enough to keep racing, or wasn’t fast enough initially, many of them are taken to vets to be killed. Before the dog is killed he or she has her blood harvested to use in veterinary clinics on other companion animals. To get the blood out of the dog, the greyhound is given shots of Adrenalin, and then euthanised. As for those not killed at vet clinics, recent investigations have revealed mass graves where dogs have been found buried. These dogs have been found with their identification ear tattoos removed, and understanding of the method of killing remains uncertain. Drugging in the industry is common - to get a competitive edge. On-track falls are also common which can cause immediate death due to the injuries acquired, or imminent euthanasia.

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