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Last updated 14 October 2017

In Australia 39% of homes have companion dogs. However, also according to the RSPCA there are still over a quarter of a million healthy cats and dogs put to death every year due to over population and homelessness. Companion animals like dogs are often bred in places called 'puppy farms'. Puppy farms are facilities that produce desirable dog breeds to sell to people both directly, and through pet stores. There can be from a dozen to sometimes hundreds of dogs in baron sheds void of enrichment and human interaction, kept as puppy-making machines. This model of 'pet' production is also used in breeding many of the other animals we share our homes with, such as kittens, rats and rabbits. Higher-welfare registered breeders, as well as unregistered back-yard style breeders also contribute to the over-population of, and euthanasia of healthy yet homeless shelter animals.

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