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Victoria Valley Meat Exports

Giles Road, Trafalgar VIC 3824, Australia
Name: Victoria Valley Meat Exports
Address: Giles Road, Trafalgar VIC 3824, Australia
Summary: Victoria Valley Meat Exports is an 'abattoirs/slaughterhouse' located in Trafalgar, VIC Australia.
Last known status: Open and operating
Updated: 2018
Coordinates: -38.220509, 146.148361
ID: dbb93

Formerly LE Giles & Sons Abattoir, closed in 2011 by PrimeSafe following footage of animal cruelty, reopened under new owners in 2016 as Victoria Valley Meat Exports.


"Gippsland abattoir sheds dark past to begin new life as global red meat exporter:

The new owners of a Gippsland abattoir have distanced themselves from an animal cruelty incident at the hands of the former operator to establish a worldwide export business.

Victoria Valley Meat Exports has built a new processing facility at the former site of Giles Abattoir in Trafalgar, which had its licence cancelled four years ago after reports of animal cruelty.

Victoria Valley Meat Exports owner Peter Polovinka said he would operate the new abattoir under a Tier Two export licence, which gives the processor access to every overseas market, except China."

Source: https://www.abc.net.au/news/rural/2016-08-03/trafalgar-abattoir-reopens/7681332 

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