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Sylvania Park

808 East Road, Drung Vic 3401
Name: Sylvania Park
Address: 808 East Road, Drung Vic 3401
Summary: Sylvania Park is a 'goat farm' located in Drung, VIC Australia.
Last known status: Open and operating
Updated: 2019
Coordinates: -36.714363, 142.307404
ID: 38b66
Website: http://www.sylvaniapark.com.au/

An intensive Angora goat farm, using the animals for their fibre (mohair) and meat. 

Meat & Livestock Australia's 'Going into Goats Guide: Module 10 Mohair production' discusses Sylvania Park as a case study. On page 18, it states:

"Having a high weaning percentage allows a heavy culling program. The greatest intensity of culling occurs within the young goat flock, generating income from the sale of meat and leather products. Goats are culled based on fleece quality and physical traits. Most buck kids are culled along with the bottom 25% of doe kids. High selection pressure facilitates rapid genetic improvement within the flock.

Culling decisions are generally made when goats are six to twelve months of age. Angoras lend themselves well to a secondary meat enterprise because they are smaller and slower maturing than most meat breeders. Angoras can stay within the specifications for premium capretto for longer than meat breeds. During this time, a producer can shear one or two highly valued kid fleeces."

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