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Malabar Holdings Pty Ltd

Mount Lindesay Highway, South MacLean QLD 4280, Australia
Name: Malabar Holdings Pty Ltd
Address: Mount Lindesay Highway, South MacLean QLD 4280, Australia
Summary: Malabar Holdings Pty Ltd is a 'broiler (meat) chicken farm' located in South MacLean, QLD Australia.
Last known status: Open and operating
Updated: 2018
Coordinates: -27.794800, 153.015823
ID: 1a8e3
ABN: 12884691637
Capacity: 75,000

"RSPCA approved Free Range broiler farm. The three curtained and fully ventilated tunnel sheds at RSPCA density currently yield approximately 75,000 birds per batch. Water supply comes from town, with a large dam of approximately 1 meg as backup if needed. 

On the property are two machinery sheds, one containing a crew room with such facilities as toilet and showers. A long list of machinery will be staying with the farm, such as a fiat tractor and blade, two mowers, two spray tanks and a rotary how amongst others.

First home is a four bedroom, one bathroom brick veneer house with a large patio and car port. The second is a 3 bedroom home of 20 years."

http://www.poultryfarmsaustralia.com.au/property-details/qld/south-maclean/117.html - 30 July 2018